Bio Titans

A Bio-Titan is a monstrously large Tyranid bioform intended to counter the greatest war engines deployed by the other intelligent species of the Milky Way Galaxy. Towering above the battlefields, leading the swarms of lesser Tyranid creatures, stand the vast forms of the Bio-Titans. These massive biomechanical war-machines stalk the warzones of the Imperium spitting death and destruction, cutting down their foes with potent bio-weapons.




The final days of the Squats....

Tyranid Harpy

This is the Harpy, the fighter jet of the Tyranid fleet. The model is based on the 40K tabletop game figurine.

A glimpse of the Tyranids

I can't show much more right now, soon after the launch I'll make proper posts for my work on Battlefleet Gothic Armada II!


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Harridan Fantasy Flight Games Deathwatch - Jericho Reach Digital © 2012 Fantasy Flight Games This was created for the Warhammer 40K RPG,...

Tyranid Horde Advancing

I recently finished this as a commission for Epic-UK. It was one of two pics used as prizes for this year's Epic Grand Tournament. Painted in...

For The Emporer

This one took awhile to finish. I started out modelling a single Space Marine and rigged him so that i could pose him i various positions. After...