Blood Ravens

The Blood Ravens are a Loyalist Space Marine Chapter of unknown origins and Founding. The origins of the Blood Ravens are shrouded in mystery and are believed to be tied to a dark truth related to the Horus Heresy. This elusive Chapter has always been drawn to the pursuit of knowledge and the acquisition of ancient lore. It produces an unusually large number of Librarians among its ranks as a high proportion of Neophytes develop psychic abilities soon after their implantation with the Blood Ravens’ gene-seed organs.


Blood Raven

Blood Raven chapter primaris from Warhammer 40k

Blood Ravens: Master of the Forge

A Warhammer 40k fan art commission painting done for a returning client. A techmarine dreadnought serving as the master of the forge for the...

Blood Raven Techmarine Dreadnought

A Warhammer 40k fan art commission painting done for a client. Designed to be a more agile version of the regular dreadnought for a Techmarine

Blood Raven

Because I LOVE drawing Warhammer stuff. I used to do it as a teen in pencil all the time. Badly. Happy with my standard now, though I'm always...


Because I love Warhammer! For work inquiries please feel free to get in touch.

Brothers: Angelos and Thule

The Bloodravens Captain Gabriel Angelos and his old friend Davian Thule. Based on the strategy game series Dawn of War.

Raven’s Victory most favorite chapter was Blood ravens...:) their color scheme was great.

Blood Ravens: Gabriel Angelos

I spent the best part of last year working with Axis and Relic on the cutscenes for Warhammer Dawn of War 3 in an art director role.