A Defiler is a massive Daemon Engine in the service of the Traitor Legions of Chaos and it is a truly potent beast of war, mounted upon six massive spine-legs. It is twice the size of most other Daemon Engines and is possessed of a temper to match. Each Defiler is roughly tank-sized, and both extremely violent in its actions and indiscriminate with who bears the brunt of its wrath. Whether using its massive Battle Cannon to destroy entire formations or ripping apart enemies with its massive claws, this engine of war acts as a harbinger of utter devastation to its foes.


Gotta love Defilers. Illustration for the new Dark Millennium cards. ©2005 Sabertooth Games/Games Workshop

Daemon Engines

Illustration that I did for "Codex: Thousand Sons". All rights reserved.

Zarathur Hale

Artwork done for the Warhammer 40K " The Threat beyond War" expansion card set.

Armageddon: Pandorax

Artwork for the "Armageddon: Pandorax" expansion codex. The last traditional artwork and the largest piece of art I have ever attempted on...