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The Nicassar are a xenos species of powerful psykers who are allied with the T’au. The Nicassar are driven by an insatiable curiosity to explore and travel across the galaxy. It was this drive that led a flotilla of Nicassar Dhows to make contact with the T’au, resulting in the Nicassar becoming the first non-Tau race to become an addition to the fledgling T’au Empire. Their contribution to the Greater Good is the provision of starships for the T’au Protection Fleet, the Kor’vattra, particularly vessels involved with reconnaissance and exploration duties, which are often crewed by the Nicassar themselves rather than the T’au Air Caste. The propulsion and navigation of all Nicassar vessels stem from the potent psychic powers that define the Nicassar species.

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Nicassar Fan Concept by Dylan LeBlanc
Nicassar Fan Concept
Dylan LeBlanc
Rating: 4.5 / 5
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