T'au Battlesuits

T'au Battlesuits Artwork

A T’au Battlesuit is an advanced powered combat exoskeleton that forms an integral part of the T’au Fire Caste’s military forces. T’au Battlesuits incorporate many different types of T’au weapons systems and armour and are the foremost sign of reputation and honour amongst the warriors of the Fire Caste — they are the apex of the T’au’s military technology. Only the greatest heroes of the Fire Caste stride to war in these mighty armoured machines, and they are the pride of the caste as well as one of the most important symbols of the T’au Empire. Battlesuits can easily lay down a withering hail of fire to destroy both infantry and vehicles, and possess the resilience and speed to shrug off heavy fire. Though the armies of the T’au rely on their skimmer-tanks and the airborne gunships of the Air Caste for long range support, the Battlesuits of the Fire Caste are considered to be the most efficient of all their many killing machines.

T'au Stealth Team

T’au Stealth Team

T'au Stealth Team Equipped with the latest XV25 Stealth Armour these troops are the ‘lone wolves’ of the T’au army, operating independently of...

T'au Riptide Battlesuit

T’au Riptide Battlesuit

XV104 Riptide is the pinnacle of the Earth caste’s battlesuit development. It stands twice as tall as the XV8 Crisis suit, but its movements are...

T'au Broadside Battlesuit

T’au Broadside Battlesuit

Designed to offer long-range support, the XV88 Broadside Battlesuit has exceeded expectations, becoming a mainstay of the Hunter Cadres and...

XV15 Battlesuits - The Exodite

XV15 Battlesuits – The Exodite

One of my first tasks while working on the Warhammer+ show "The Exodite" was to texture the XV15 model made by Milan Civovic ( artstation.com )....

XV25 "Lako'ma" - The Exodite

XV25 “Lako’ma” – The Exodite

I had the opportunity to make Lako'ma's XV25 battlesuit while working on the Warhammer+ show "The Exodite". It was an interesting task, as i...

XV8 Battle Suit

XV8 Battle Suit

Day 054! With twin linked fusion blasters The tau Xv8 battle suit struck the weakest points in the enemies flank with calculated precision Today...

T'au Battlesuits

T’au Battlesuits

An oldie! My cover for the Tau Empire codex from many many many moons ago!



Farsight - Card Illustration Time to post xeno tech-heresy! The layout is designed to fit with the Warhammer Conquest Warlord cards.