T’au Drone

A Tau Drone (Kor’vesa in the Tau Lexicon) is a form of artificial intelligence extensively utilised by the Tau Empire for a variety of combat and non-combat purposes. The mobile variants of Tau Drones exist in the form of sleek disk-shaped machines which are well-armoured and equipped with small anti-gravitic engines and manoeuvring jet-thrusters so that they can hover and skim across the ground. As they hover over landscapes, rotating back and forth, their sensor vane(s) constantly transmits vital information about their surroundings. These types of Drones are most commonly seen employed alongside the warriors of the Fire Caste. Although small and somewhat innocuous, those foes that underestimate Tau Drones often pay for such a costly mistake with their lives.




Well... Here we are! First of what I hope to be many pieces to explore various races within Warhammer. Been painting so many Space Marines, this...

Fire Warrior Fan Art

Here is my fire warrior, first attempt at making a model from scratch. The model is compiled for Source Engine (Source Filmmaker, Garry's Mod ...)

Commander Shadowsun

An illustration for Fantasy Flight Games' Warhammer 40,000: Conquest card game. This was a promotional card for their 2016 Spring tournament kit.

TAU Urban Fight

wanted to try out realistic style after i saw this realistic space marine vs eldar art in the new marine codex. (dunno what chapter. its black)...

Warhammer 40K: Tau Empire

I've had this lying around half finished for a while so I decided to give it some time and wrap it up! Was challenging nailing all the planes of...

Last Chancers

Client: Games Workshop – Black Library Destination: Cover for the novel "The Last Chancers" Technique: Acrylic All rights reserved

Warhammer 40k – Tau

Some more o dem Warhammer stuff for you guys. 🙂 Image belongs to Games Workshop and FFG for Mark of the Xenos.

Wrath of Omnissiah

Interior illustration done for the "Warhammer 40k " roleplaying game "Deathwatch: Rising Tempest" Client: Games Workshop-Fantasy Flight Games...

TAU Ghostkeel

TAU battlesuit 'Ghostkeel' blowing up tanks from the rear

Hammerhead Down

In this scenario, the Tau combat systems research/construction facility that manufactures the Phobos Pattern armour itself, also maintains an...