Terminator T800

Sep 5, 2022 | Miscellaneous | 0 comments

Terminator T800

Hello guys and gals! Hope you’re doing great!

Here’s one commission I’ve been working on this past month among 2 more that are still on the works (hopefully now that my daughter begins school again I’ll have more time to work on them)

What we have here is another #crossover done for @ka_chunga . This time one of the deadliest cyborgs humanity has ever imagined, the #t800 , inside one of the most brutal armors of the 40k universe, a #terminator armor. So yeah, it’s a Terminator in a Terminator.

I tried to reference here the future battle shown at the beginning of #jamescameron #t2 with those dark blues and intense pinks, and of course the mix of reflective metals of the character… Do you think I got the menacing look of the t800 from the movie right?

Hope you like it my friends!

And as always, crits and comments are always welcome!

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