The Talon Master

Feb 27, 2021 | Chaos Space Marines

The Talon Master

Talon Master of the Haunted Dawn warband. Originally of the Night Lord’s 77th company, known for their Terror Squads. They specialized in paralyzing their enemies with fear and breaking moral before the main invasion ravaged the world. During the Dropsite Massacre on Isstvan V the 77th company was reported to have fired the first shots of hostility against the loyalists. After the Thramas Crusade on the Eastern Fringe the 77th company was largely destroyed in the ambush by the Lion’s Angels. Azgule survived the attack and was roped into the 2nd Hunter Squad of the depleted 3rd company, commanded by Tollan Gresix. When Gressix was later killed during the siege of the Imperial Palace, Azgule took up the rank of Talon Master and led his squad for the remainder of the Heresy. Post-heresy the 3rd company was finally obliterated during an engagement with the Imperial Fists on Cestus Secundus. Azgule escaped with what remained of the Night Lords to the Iron Warriors heavy-cruiser The Bale Siege and followed Aggannor Dredsun. Dredsun re-forged the remnants of the two companies into the Haunted Dawn Warband and promoted Azgule to be his Talon Master, his personal executioner of any soul that dare opposed him.

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