Aeldari Autarch Yrion Saelindior

Artist: Tan Eric
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May 7, 2022

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Aeldari Artwork
Aeldari Autarch Yrion Saelindior by Tan Eric

Aeldari Autarch Yrion Saelindior

commission piece for Halduis

Autarch of Craftworld Biel-Tan who has since joined the Ynnari, a brutal war-leader of the aeldari who has lead exterminations on many human and ork infestations on aeldari Maiden Worlds and Exodite Worlds. He is a hard veteran and very no nonsense, leading a Swordwind of many Aspect Warriors on hit-and-run missions against the Imperium, Chaos and all other enemies of the aeldari.

great to be drawing eldars again. haven’t gotten many games with the latest codex yet. but eldars seems to be doing well in the meta. I’m really loving the new Maugan Ra model. i should draw him.  he’s the reason why i started my eldar army all those years ago.

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