One Last Look

Artist: Tan Eric
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May 28, 2020

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One Last Look by Tan Eric

One Last Look

hi guys, hope everyone is feeling well and corona free.

commission for Felthea  his homebrew Primarch of the 11th legion Astartes.

The “lost” eleventh son of the Emperor of Mankind, takes one last look at his home before he leaves to uphold his oath to his father and show his enemies what wrath unending truly means.

Alric Twinson takes in one last look of his home before departs with a small contingent of his legion to visit holy Terra, to see what has become of his father in his ten thousand year absences from the imperium. Not knowing how the imperium would treat a long “lost” primarch Alric hides his face from the common people using a special helmet.

The scar on his helmet was given to him by the Leader of his first grand company captain before she became one the first to undertake the process to become a space marine, he kept it as a sign of her skill and a badge of honor for someone to finally land a blow on him while he wasn’t holding back against them. The scar starts above his right eye and ends about the middle of his cheek. A lot of the changes to his armor draw from him being raised by his adopted eldar mother for a time before being given over to the humans on the planet he was raised on before the emperor found him.  he rarely goes into combat with it on unless he went to peace talks and is forced to fight with it on until he can release the clasp that lock it in place. Both sets of armor are modified to be less bulky and to provide more maneuverability and speed to fit his fighting style. As for his weapons, he carries 4 on both sets of armor, the first is a wrist mounted storm bolter on his right arm, the second is twin power swords that sit on his waist unless he decides to draw them, the third is a massive daemon hammer that he uses as his main weapon of choice, the forth and final is a massive sword that was given to him by the emperor, and was told only to use it in the most dire of fights. On his left arm he carries a very large storm shield large enough to provide him and anyone behind him with cover from ranged weapons.

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