Brotherhood 0f Demigods

May 31, 2021 | Imperium of Man, Orks | 0 comments

Brotherhood 0f Demigods

A double page digital image, I’ve no idea what it was for, I seem to have several versions of this probably due to its digital size on my iPad, as it was so big it had the fewest layer options so I had to duplicate it regularly and compress the layers to allow me to add stuff or try ideas, not sure if this is finished either. It also seemed to take a long time, mostly due to having to try and learn to adapt to digital as I went along so most of it was an experiment at the time, learning how big to make images with no help available was trial and error, I doubt I’d make another image as big as this now.

I did want a more active composition which was drawn in pencil and paper initially but was specifically requested to change that to depict a stoic march forward .

Procreate digital

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