Dark Hunters

Artist: Dan Morison
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Feb 16, 2019

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Space Marines Artwork
Dark Hunters by Dan Morison

Dark Hunters Space Marine Centurion

“The ground below burned, throwing an orange pallor into the atmosphere. The sky above was dotted with a million pin-pricks of light, spent munitions from the battle that raged in the heavens”

It’s been a long time since I did work just for myself, and an even longer time since I did a Space Marine, so glad to be doing at least one illustration before this year is out.
When the Centurions were released, I really didn’t like them, and gnashed my teeth like everyone else it seemed. GW are fine craftsmen, and for the most part produce great models. The Centurion, however, got my goat because it was firstly a poor concept, and secondly executed (in my eyes) badly. It just seemed static and dumb. Even the reason for suddenly introducing them didn’t make sense either.
But anyway, I was waiting for my friend a few weeks ago and started to doodle and do my own version. and thought I’d carry it on till the end. This is by no means my ‘answer’ to a better design or anything like that, just a different interpretation. I liked the idea of Terminator suits getting rarer, so something a bit less elegant being created to plug the gap.
– DM

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