Omega Orion

Artist: Dan Morison
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Feb 16, 2019

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Space Marines Artwork
Omega Orion by Dan Morison

Omega Orion

I remember when I was a kid and first noticed Games Workshop stuff in a small shop, I was immediately drawn in through the artwork, the design, even the painting style of their miniatures. It seemed like such a living, breathing world, but also a shared one, with each artist interpreting it in their own way. Even though I didn’t play the game or know the rules, I immediately wanted to be part of that somehow. GW nowadays has lost a lot of that feeling, distinctive artists have been done away with for a fairly run-of-the-mill house style, that sense of mystery lost amidst the great volumes of trashy novels. Gone is the individual, and in their place the cooperate, wanting to appeal to everyone. So when I look through the Ironsleet blog, that nostalgic sense of wonder that I missed so much comes back to me a little bit, and makes me happy.

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