Genestealer Cult

Artist: Dan Morison
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Feb 27, 2021
Engines of War ArtworkGenestealer Cults Artwork
Genestealer Cult

Last year I was lucky enough to finally do some work for Games Workshop! The animation (as with all animation) threw up some new challenges my way, mainly I had to change the way I work, to better encompass things like depth.

Overall I’m pleased with it, they gave me a lot of creative room, a bit of rarity when working for corps these days. The only thing working against us was time really. Each individual asset needs to be completely roughed, inked, digitally inked, coloured, then arranged, so even bits you don’t see in the background or on some layers need to be completely rendered, which takes a lot of time.

One of the funnier things that happened during the design stages was having to reign back a few ideas, as (and this would become true after it’s release) anything that would go in the video, the fans would presume it would also be released as a model. The statue, bits of background, anything they could see, they asked if it was a model. So unfortunately, we had to cut a lot of older GSC references, like the Limo’s (even as just little easter eggs in the wreckage)

Anyway, enjoyed it, and maybe it’ll happen again at some point.

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