Emperors Children Opsequiari

Artist: Dan Morison

Feb 27, 2021 | Chaos Space Marines

Emperors Children Opsequiari

Although the Opsequiari class of Consul’s were common with legions more synonymous with wanton aggression, such as the fledgling Space Wolves before they received their namesake, these enforcers and discipline masters saw use in some form or another across many of the other legions, especially as the great crusades expansion swelled the legions numbers. Many were gradually phased into the recruitment and training programs as the Legions found their Primarchs and martial footing, yet as the Horus Heresy pitted brother against brother, these Consuls experience in fighting had waned little, and proved to be a thorn in the traitors side in the early stages of the betrayal. Part of the Horus Heresy Consul series

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