Dragon and the Dynasty Pt1: Dark Awakening

Artist: John Stone

Apr 1, 2021 | Necrons, Space Marines | 0 comments

Dragon and the Dynasty Pt1: Dark Awakening

The Dragon and the Dynasty – Part 1

Dark Awakening

It was the 39th millennium and the Emperors Dragons were expanding their reach within the fringes of the Imperium.  Wanting to set up outposts on planets at the edge of their system, a crusade was launched with all ten divisions of ten thousand sent out to secure target worlds of interest.

It was one such planet that would be the focus on the second division. Within this division was a young and brilliant captain by the name of Achilles.  A talented leader and phenomenal swordsman, he was the pride of the division and openly noted to be the successor to the division Grand Master Netzach.

The planet they were tasked to investigate was a barren and mountainous world without much life or features of note. Its purpose was to be an outpost upon which the Legion could watch the stars and prepare for the inevitable enemies to come.

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