Immolant Blades

Artist: Boris Tsui
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Apr 19, 2022
Space Marines Artwork
Immolant Blades

Tried my hand at a character vignette. Took reference from how @OrnirisTerensi  lays out his character illustrations. Tried my hand at a bit of writing for this character. He is the bladeguard in the background of one of my illustrations featuring my old force commander.

Rau Adamas Chapter: Immolant Blades

Alpha Blade

Ascended to the position a mere five decades prior, battle brother Rau Adamas has forsworn brotherhood to become the Alpha Blade.

His duty carries him to the thick of the fighting, carving a path as a lone swordsman ahead of his brothers. It is whispered among his brothers that he is cursed to fight alone. Many who have attempted to fight by his side find themselves dead or maimed by improbable circumstance.

Thus far only Vir Novissim, captain of the second, has managed to fight next to the Alpha Blade for more than one battle without sustaining grievous injury.

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