The Lacerators

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Jan 29, 2022

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The Lacerators by Alex McClelland

Outriders from The Lacerators take on GrimLugger’s War Band!

I originally began this piece back at the front of 2021 but put it to the side because I couldn’t see a way to complete it satisfactorily. I picked it up again the other week and finally brought it to a close. I’m not totally happy with it, but there are certain elements I do like which is why I didn’t just can it and begin again from scratch. I may well one day revisit the idea and try not to overload it the way I did when I first began it. I think on certain points the lighting is effective, however it is generally confusing and breaks the vibe of an inferno type of atmosphere I was going for. I really wanted to produce the feeling that the camera was tracking with the bikes – I had laid out a path for the eye to follow which in the end was concealed because something didn’t feel right. Lesson here, don’t rush into painting and rendering until the layout is mapped out and you’re happy enough with it!

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Andrew Perry
15 days ago

Hi your work is outstanding and improves as you do more work . I like the idea of a space wolves new chapter foundation the Lacarators and their MK10 armour and the symbol go well together. 5/5.