Val Kheren

Artist: Imagist Iris
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Sep 22, 2022
Miscellaneous Artwork
Val Kheren

Here’s my homegirl Val, making her crossplay of Angron as usual.
Val Kheren was born from two workers from the lower decks of the Merciless, battlebarge of the World Eaters’ 16th Company during the 31st millennium. A rough place, where respect could only be earned through violence.

But she was a strong child. None of the other youngsters of the ship would dare arguing with her.

Despite this, the day the Marines came scrapping for recruits between the rusted walls of the ship’s lower decks, she wasn’t the one who was chosen. Her brother was. Her snotty, whining brother… who wasn’t really strong enough to become an Astartes, and died before completing the transition.

Accepting the truth of her nature -the impossibility of ever, truly becoming one of the Legion- was not easy for her. The Battlebarge was her whole world, and the World Eaters the only heroes she knew.

Her chance to shine would come soon enough, though… and just like any other gift from destiny, it would have to be paid with blood.

Towards the end of the Great Crusade, when she was just fifteen, the spaceship was boarded by a dangerous xeno species which killed most of the human crew, including Val’s father. The girl was instead found with two xeno corpses around her unconscious body, mutilated of the right arm, still holding a screwdriver.

Having lost his senechal during the fight, and believing the circumstances of Val’s finding to be singular if not impressive, Captain Tiberius chose her for the role. Her arm refitted with an high quality mechanical replacement and a bloody hand marked on her clothes as a badge of honor, Kheren has served the commander of the 16th ever since.

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