Black Templars Alberich Woglinde

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Nov 3, 2020

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Black Templars Alberich Woglinde by Orniris Terensi



Original character by @lazarus_crusader

+ Assault on the Hypatos palace ++
+ Moon of Kerioth +++
+ Inload +
+ Sermon of cardinal Thietmarus LXXII +

The Emperor was brought down and his bright light ceased throughout the immaterium, the veil of the galaxy was torn in two. His confessors has passed down thru the de- camillenniums the esoteric texts of the Gesta Orgeluse vita fabrica telling us of the Edax Rerum, artefact of the long night. The Akritoi of the Hypatos number in their billions, you will suffer by their hand as your wroth turn their land into desolation. Let those that fall in this crusade obtain their eternal reward and double the honour…

+ Thought of the day +++
+++ Our mercies destroys us +

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