Night Lords Cineris Vytraan

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Nov 3, 2020

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Chaos Space Marines Artwork
Night Lords Cineris Vytraan by Orniris Terensi


Original character by @leviathan_a_night_lords_story

Vytraan was born on Nostramo. His mother was a native from the planet and his father was a Terran remembrancer, who arrived on the sunless world when the Emperor clamed his lost son. Of their short romance was born a child. His bastard blood gave him blue irises, set in black eyes.

Later an effective gangster, he was recruited to become the Captain of the first Terror Company, as secretly ordered by the Night Haunter to spread his justice within the legion and the galaxy. During his training he had to face a Nostraman Lion, which became bond to him by obedience.

Under the teachings of his masters, totally faithful to his tortured Primarch’s values, Vytraan and the 2nd Company became the merciless precursors of the Terror Squads.

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