Ophidia ‘Mother of All’

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May 7, 2021

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Ophidia ‘Mother of All’ by Orniris Terensi


Original character by @frankie_in_adelaide Fan art by Orniris

The oldest member of the Areios Pagos and considered a mother to all, Ophidia is the head of the Niqtakiir oikos within House Bharteth. She acts as the diplomat, a politician of some sorts, for the House. Using her influence in the upper hives to bribe or persua- de planetary and imperial offi- cials to get her way.

Ophidia is known as the queen of schemes and spinner of webs. She has a natural gift of deceit and deception, with the ability to mold a deal in her favour but make it appear the other party is better off. Often targeting the vulnerable and forgotten nobles to further expand her influence in the upper hives.

Her age is a well-guarded secret of which no one discusses. If someone might dare to ask… that poor soul would myste- riously wind up missing soon after. For is it not rude to ask a lady her age?

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