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May 7, 2021

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Necromunda Artwork
Andreas Kalothetos by Orniris Terensi


Original character by @aus30k Fan art by Orniris

Claiming to be a direct descendant of the Rogue Trader Ga- brielle Kalothetos dating back to the glorious days of the Great Crusade, Andreas has little to back up his assertion apart from a tattered jacket and a malfunctioning power sword. Nonetheless he wields considerable power both
within House Bharteth and in the void clans orbiting Necromunda.

A great deal of Bharteths trade goods come via Andreas’ networks and it is safe to say that a significant part of the Hives Cold Trade as well. While some refuse to believe his claim to be a Rogue Trader, none can deny his ability to remain out of the Enforcers, and even the Arbites, magnacles is beyond explaining. When asked to prove his pedigree with the Warrant of Trade Andreas will simply scoff, retorting that he has no- thing to prove to the likes of Hive Scum.

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