Aza, the Putrid Navigator

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Dec 14, 2021

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Aza, the Putrid Navigator by Orniris Terensi

Aza, the Putrid Navigator

The battlecruiser was a dying body floating in the immaterium, its heart being eaten up by Nurgle’s blessings. The panic caused by the howls of the dying and the sick laughter of the crazed Astartes had prevented him from leaving his cabin while the rest of the crew succumbed to death and change. As a last hope, Aza had raised a psychic defense against the empyrean powers after the ship’s Geller shields fell, but it would not last long. He said all the sentences he knew, but had the feeling that no one was listening. For the past two days, Typhus had slaughtered the ship’s six navigators, condemning them all to the destructive plague. The sound of heavy footsteps stopped at her door. Suddenly, the cabin door was opened with a terrifying screech. Typhus himself had broken the door with his scythe: “Interesting… so a seventh navigator is still alive” he said advancing towards a terrified Aza.


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