Duriel Ma’sticaet

Artist: Orniris Terensi
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Dec 4, 2021
Drukhari Artwork
Duriel Ma’sticaet

Duriel Ma’sticaet, Prophet of Flesh, Exalted Gourmand of the Macabre Feast, a celebrated soothsayer enter- taining Commorragh’s ruling elite with the debasement of lesser races. The obscene bearer of an Omophagea harvested from a Blood Angel Librarian, Duriel has access to memories and sensations of the living or recently deceased through the ghoulish practice of cannibalism. Countless victims are strewn from the oubliettes in ghastly splendor, kept alive in horrible agony to be savored at a later date, their collected wailing a maddening cacophony echoing their inevitable grisly fate. This bane of the Sons of Sanguinius is forever accompanied by his bespoke Cronos, The Eater of Days, an amalgam of terrible creation. Merely gazing upon this sublime monstrosity is enough to invite terror into even the staunchest of hearts, for in the reflection of its facial covering are the terrors and tortures awaiting them. Grasping tentacles of flesh and machine work in unison to rend limb from limb, and once its foe is disabled, the vile Cronos drains what life remains using its proboscis, starting a blood frenzy few could withstand.

My website: https://orniris.com
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