Deceived Souls Celosia

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May 1, 2021

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Fallen Sisters Artwork
Deceived Souls Celosia by Orniris Terensi

Deceived Souls Celosia

“The Empire is a long web of lies and deception. Bathed in his gold and his rotten Emperor, brothers and sisters die at billiards every day for it. Whose fault is it? From the Xenos? From the “heretics”? THE BLAME IS OF THE EMPIRE! No… enough… We will no longer resort to the false help of the Empire. The Empire is FALSE, it is TREASON, it is everything we should fight against.

My parents died in vain, their stupidity could not understand what is the true meaning of being alive. If the fucking Empire wants us to be one more cog in a wheel that is only headed for an inevitable, scorching hell, we will be the ones to tighten the cog. We will free those who are fed up with being slaves.”

Celosia’s speech during the creation of the Deceived Souls. Circa 980.M41

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10 months ago

She says heresy will free the slaves… by making them slaves to something else. Something else that wants them to die, that despises the very concept of humanity.

May the Emperor have mercy for her betrayal. We will have none.