Adeptus Mechanicus Teppa-Nyxos Telop

Artist: Orniris Terensi
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Apr 18, 2021
Adeptus Mechanicus Artwork
Adeptus Mechanicus Teppa-Nyxos Telop

Adeptus Mechanicus Teppa-Nyxos Telop

Magos Praetor Electroid Teppa-Nyxos Telok is a fanatical devotee of the motive force. As high ranking tech-priest of forgeworld Orkus he conducts dangerous experiments with electricity most of the time. If a STC with even the slightest connection to the motive force is spotted by an exploration clade of Orkus, he puts his overloaded arc weaponry harness on which he engineered himself and travels to the digsite to oversee the recovery of the artefact personally. Magos Telok once almost sacrificed an entire macroclade to retrieve such an artefact which goes to show how obsessed and ruthless this tech-priest is, when grasping for knowledge he desires.

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