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Jun 27, 2021

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Athros by Orniris Terensi


ORNIRIS TERENSI AREIOS PAGOS Original character by @aus30k

Fan art by Orniris Terensi

The sole surviving heir of the entire Terensi bloodline, Orniris was orphaned in his early teens when a series of mysterious accidents wiped out his entire family. While originally of Hive Secondus, Orniris’ grandfather relocated to Hive Primus less than a decade prior to the ill fated genestealer infestation and subsequent destruction of their former ancestral home.

Still wealthy beyond measure, the heir of the Terensi fortunes shocked the Necromundan nobility when he spent the vast bulk of his wealth establishing a series of meIdical clinics in the lower hives. Apart from the occasional inspection of one of his innumerable clinics, Orniris is normally locked away in his residence producing painted masterpieces that are almost always snapped up by the nobility or shipped off world to wealthy art connoisseurs. His as- sociation with House Bharteth is not well known and those that are aware simply write it off as ano- ther of his eccentric distractions.

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