Eyes of Aun’va

Artist: Orniris Terensi
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Feb 22, 2022
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Eyes of Aun’va

Eyes of Aun’va

The Ethereal High Council is the highest-level of government in the Tau Empire. From the homeworld they issue their orders which are followed without question by all across the Empire. For the Ethereal caste members who issue them are revered by billions and their word is beyond doubt. They are therefore the most protected institution within the Tau Empire; to keep them that way requires a highly trained personal security force.

Assembled secretly after the assassination of Ethereal supreme, Aun’va. It is the duty of the ‘Eyes of Aun’va’ to protect the High Council at any cost and will gladly sacrifice their lives if the greater good demands it. They operate from the shadows, keeping all knowledge of their existence only to themselves and the High Council. To this day the populace at large remains entirely unaware of their existence, for many would find their methods less than palatable.

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