Night Lords Raze Callow

Artist: Orniris Terensi
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Apr 12, 2021
Chaos Space Marines Artwork
Night Lords Raze Callow

Original character by @grimdarktales

Throughout the conflict in the Meritus system, the instability brought on by open Imperial crusade left ample room for agents of chaos and unrest to capitalize. While the more obvious threat of The Nothing loomed pustulant on the system’s edge, a single agent had already infiltrated the mega hives of Meritus – Raze Callow of the Night Lords. Without a single legion brother in system, the Nostraman killer began intimidating and coercing the more sadistic locals into acts of terrorism and savagery. Using his network of homicidal cultists and gangers, Callow reaps a trail of pain and violence across the planet surface, to what end – if any none can say.

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