Red Ronin The Kabuki Mask

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Jul 6, 2020

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Red Ronin The Kabuki Mask by Orniris Terensi



Original character by @marco_paroli Fan art by Orniris Terensi

The Mask, as Master Chaplain, is part of the Council of the Seven Bushi who guides the Chapter during the long meditations of the Chapter Master. Unlike his compassionate brothers, he has a fiery and warlkie temperament and a rigit predisposition to martial etiquette, In battle it stands out for its iconoclastic fury for everything it identifies as a heretic or xenon. Huge are its bonfires. As happens for the particular armor of the Red Ronin, the Mask does not dress the classic Skull helm, but a traditional facial painting of the sacred theather, of the Fulton culture that strongly characterizes the Chapter.

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