Kroot Mercenaries The Dark Talon Kindred

Artist: Orniris Terensi
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Apr 27, 2021
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Kroot Mercenaries The Dark Talon Kindred

Kroot Mercenaries The Dark Talon Kindred

The Kroot of the Dark Talon Kindred embrace the primitive roots of Kroot culture and were one of the first groups to abandon the industrious hive cities of Pech. Elevating the role of the ancestral spirit in governing, the kindred hierarchy gives equal voice to the wisest elders and the greatest warriors in times of council. Belief in the power of past heroes and their lingering presence after death manifests itself in battle as these spirits temporarily inhabit the living or can even become physical avatars of ancient Kroot gods.

The Dark Talon frequently launch mercenary campaigns outside of T’au space, understanding the im- portance of refreshing and improving the genetic pool of the kindred. While the warriors of the Dark Talon respect a powerful enemy, they are ruthless and efficient and rarely leave survivors. Enemy commanders and persons of importance are considered unique genomes to be consumed rather than vital hostages or bargaining chips. The shapers of the kindred possess a deep understanding of Kroot evolution and direct the future of the family accordingly, as stagnation leads to extinction.

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