Magna Nemeriss

Artist: Orniris Terensi
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Jun 5, 2021
Dark Mechanicum ArtworkTyranids Artwork
Magna Nemeriss

During obscure events of the past millenium, the Biologis Priestess Magna Nemeriss was expelled from Mars due to her heretical behaviour. After a long wandering across the deserted areas of the known galaxy with a few of her followers, she landed on Exorsus, a small desolated and isolated planet. No life remains on this mysterious world, but millions of dead aliens dismembered and lit- tered across the ground. As she was teached into the alienology area, she got interested on how these life forms could serve her plans even in when they were not more than a pile of flesh and death. She quickly began with the experimentation applying the well known technics of tech-lobotomi- zation that she has used plenty with captured imperial test sub- jects; soon she got the firsts tests done and managed to “revive” and augment a killed in battle alien and bend it to her malevolous will. The Iron Hive rises.

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