World Eaters Varrack Bladeborne

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Jun 5, 2021

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World Eaters Varrack Bladeborne by Orniris Terensi



Original character by MiniWarGamer Dave & courtesy of Baldermort Fan art by Orniris Terensi

For thousands of years he has waged war. For countless battles he has served lesser men. By force of arms he struck down the last of his many warlords. He took his band, life, and his weapon. He now wields the thri- ce-cursed power axe: Berserker Glaive.

Varrack led his men into the red space… The dark place, the land of screams and horror. There he defeated that which he now sits atop: a juggernaut of Khorne, his steed. He seeks to gain apotheo- sis. He will perform such carnage that the great god Khorne has no choice. He will force his hand by the skulls and blood he brings him. He will carve his name into the very stars.

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