Crimson Fists vs Orks

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Dec 6, 2020

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Crimson Fists vs Orks by Leos Ng Okita

Crimson Fists vs Orks: Eternal War

Been wanting to do a bigger scale 40k piece for a while, and inspired by my good friend Kelvin Chin and his amazing work for Games Workshop. This will probably be one of the most epic piece I had done so far,so I thought why not I do a piece with 2 of the traditional match up. Initially, I planned to have a Terminator Captain with a thunderhammer and stormshield slugging it out with the Ork warboss, but after deciding to go with the Crimson Fists Chapter as Chapter of choice in this piece, I ran into a little problem… They don’t really have a 1st company captain…. that role is held by their Chapter Master Pedro Kantor, who I checked, don’t wear Terminator Armour, non carry Thunderhammer and Stormshield, so as a result the sketches had to be changed.

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