Oath of Moment

Mar 23, 2021 | Chaos Space Marines | 0 comments

Oath of Moment

‘This is…’ Emont whispered. This is quite something. I hope you all understand you’re lucky to see this.’ ‘See what?’ asked Sark. ‘The captain takes his oath of moment last of all. It will be heard and sworn to by two of his fellow captains, but, oh my goodness, the rest of the Mournival have come to hear him pledge.’ ‘That’s the Mournival?’ Keeler asked, her picter shooting. ‘First Captain Abaddon, Captain Torgaddon, Captain Aхimand, and with them Captains Sedirae and Targost.’ Emont breathed, afraid of raising his voice. ‘Which one is Abaddon?’ Keeler asked, aiming her picter.

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