Hounds of Bedlam, Cold Open Stories

Apr 20, 2021 | Chaos Cults | 0 comments

Hounds of Bedlam, Cold Open Stories

My website: https://orniris.com
Instagram: https://instagram.com/orniris
Youtube: https://youtube.com/c/OrnirisTerensi
Twitter: https://twitter.com/orniristerensi
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Word Bearer

Word Bearer

Because I didn't find any proper information on how an average Word Bearer looks like, I had no other choice but to make her look like a librarian from an average sexual fantasy... ahem...

40K - Tech Priest
40K – Tech Priest

40K – Tech Priest

Really went nuts with this one, been working on it since the weekend! Just wanted to see what I would end up with if I didn't rush anything. Plus I wanted to slap something onto some Reddit pages and see if it got any more attention, so I wanted my best ^^

Nurgle’s Champion

Nurgle’s Champion

Since I really love Warhammer universe I always wanted to paint something from it, but despite many attempts I could never get it right until now, still not quite there but it doesn't look that bad either. Behold as of Grandfather's Nurgle's Champions is here.^^

Solitaire Attack

The Solitaire is finished! The dark player of the Laughing God strikes!

Archetype Team

Illustrations done some time ago, for Warhammer 40'000 Wrath & Glory Roleplaying game. It was such a blast to work on official W40K material. All rights reserved.

Necromunda Corpse Grinder

This is an illustration i did for the cover of Games Workshop's 'Book of Ruin' for their Necromunda game. The Corpse Grinders are a deprived, violent gang on the fringe of chaos worship. They are immersed in the darkest aspects of hive life in the 41st Millennium as...

Possessed and Gifted

The Witch of the Tzeentch cult.


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