Necromunda: Jazz

Artist: Orniris Terensi
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Apr 23, 2022
Necromunda Artwork
Necromunda: Jazz


Original character by @kanetheportrayer

Fan art by Orniris Terensi

Proud, cold and ambitious beyond measure, the Jeering Jackal’s arrival is often hailed by a solar flare of plasma and whoop of sadistic delight. Slender of frame and unsympathetic to weakness, Jazz is a longstanding member of the Acid Angels, despots of Dockland Quintus. Her fine features are twisted in a venomous sncer, signalling her contempt of lesser Necromundan gangs who gamble their lives stepping onto Angel turf. Disgusted by the perceived complacency and incompetence of Ramona, the Acid Queen, Jazz and her loyalist sisters are the silent discontent of their gang manifest. While their numbers slowly swell, the Jackals lie in wait of the opportune moment to stage a brutal coup to topple the hierarchy of the Acid Angels.

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