Night Lords Arkyr Malivaris

Artist: Orniris Terensi
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Dec 31, 2020
Chaos Space Marines Artwork
Night Lords Arkyr Malivaris

Night Lords Arkyr Malivaris

Arkyr Malivaris was the youngest night raptor under the command of Zso Sahaal during the Heresy. Arkyr had the utmost loyalty towards the Talonmaster and their Primarch. When the Legion splintered and Sahaal fled, Arkyr and his squad formed their own warband “Nykta”, and focused on the “fear through focus” doctrine his Primarch taught. Over the years, Arkyr grew Nykta to one of the most lethal Night Lord warbands. Presently, Warband Nykta had stayed deep in the outer void, hunting imperial planets far beyond reach, when it received a distress call that the loyalist Carcharodons killed most of a sister warband. Arkyr has then waged a bloody vengeance war against the Carcharodons and wont stop until he has decimated them.

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