Arch-Reclamator Kryptus Holt

Apr 16, 2021 | Adeptus Mechanicus | 0 comments

Arch-Reclamator Kryptus Holt

In the reconquest of the Meritus system, Stygian Arch-Reclamator Kryptus Holt was a first responder to the Imperium’s declaration of intent. It is unknown why Holt’s surreptitious forces were already lurking in the region they often attempt to initiate trades for newfound technology, regularly offering up their unprecedented skills for tireless manhunts and the acquisition of high-priority targets.

The presence of Kryptus Holt’s Expeditioners among the Imperium forces in the Meritus system is a curious one his untrusting allies assume his impetus is driven by personal gains, and whispers abound of forgotten temples buried beneath the detritus of occupied Meritian cities.

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