Drukhari Count Nyos Vraesque

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Nov 3, 2020

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Drukhari Count Nyos Vraesque by Orniris Terensi

Drukhari Count Nyos Vraesque

The Drukharis fleets that roam the galaxy are as varied as the worlds they plunder. Archon Nyos Vraesque of the Kabal of the Last Star is one of the most enigmatic of their captains.

Beneath his hard-won iron will after thousand of years of intrigue in the High Commoragh, including the murder of his own twin brother, lies a secret fate, sung by the Farseer Darhansar of the Idharae Craftworld: Unite the Aledaris under one banner of vengeance and purity. To do so, he was entrusted with the relic blade Serentii, glory of the setting sun, symbolising the eternal spirit of Isha.

Intimately convinced of his destiny, and allied to his Webway cousins, as well as the acrobat warriors of Cegorach, Count Vraesque ravage real space in search of memories long before the Fall.

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