Yhorn Ro’g

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Apr 6, 2023

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Leagues of Votann Artwork
Yhorn Ro’g by Orniris Terensi



Original character by @mr.potato_08 Fan art by Orniris Terensi

After repeated cloning protocol, Yhorn’s memory are fractured. He lives more than to be an exemplar to his kin, he lives to preserve the ancient knowledges in his possesion. One knowledge that is a tradition within his kin is the way of the Fyreslayers. He forgets how old he is, nor does he ever care. His knowledge however, spans to an ancient time some consider heresy. Yhorn established allegiance with Longinus Crusaders of the Black Templars. One fact from their secretive allegiance is it was all started when Yhorn struck a peace treaty by combat that ended in draw. Since then, their interest aligns in trading STCs and occasional friendly battles.

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