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Original character by
Fan art by Orniris Terensi

Shkaa’Vor was born to a clutch of ‘Green’ Kroot on his ancestral home world, Pech. His ancestors had feasted heartily upon the Orks across the Nothing Sea. Shkaa’Vor grew at an alarming rate as he strong armed his way to the top. In his youth he would lead others of his kind into the Dark Woods; a cursed section of the forests of Pech where abominations are banished  hunted.

Shkaa’Vor had become a fear- less and strong warrior by the time the Eldar pirates raided his world. Shkaa’Vor brought down several speeding sky boats with nothing but the trunk of a Jagga tree. This caught the eye of Steel Claw Stra’ Ken. The Master Shaper offered the him the life that he wanted across the No- thing Sea. Shkaa’Vor now leads the red faced Gmork’s Chosen across the deadliest of battle- fields; challenging and devouring the largest of beasts. He will make his ancestors proud.

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